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NASA has awarded a SBIR Phase 2 program to Thoughtventions. (21 April 2015)

This is a 24-month long, $750,000 prototype development program to create a fiber optic jet engine turbine blade thermal imaging instrument.

Thoughtventions Unlimited LLC
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TvU          ...........Established 1993

rainbowTvU Research Equipment - You specify it, we design it, make it, and test it.

 Research Furnaces: We specialize in research laboratory furnace systems that do what you need to do, not a standard furnace that you must adapt after purchase.

 Optical Systems: optics trains, windows, lasers, detection systems, optical diagnostics; learn through optical monitoring.

 Flow and Vacuum Systems: move the fluids the way you want to.

 Heat Transfer Systems: heating, cooling, insulation - control your temperature.

rainbowResearch and Development

 Multidisciplinary Applied Physical Sciences - Many different technical areas simultaneously.


We try to help you do what you want to do. We use what equipment you have if you want to spend less. New or used equipment - your choice.

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Ask us about extending the parameters of these systems.

High Temperature Research Furnaces

High Temperature Vacuum/Inert Gas Furnaces Vacuum/inert gas high temperature furnaces. 2000°C IN STOCK! 15k$
High Temperature Air Furnaces Small air high temperature furnace. 2300°C(Under Development)
High Temperature Mini Furnaces Very small high temperature vacuum furnace. 2000°C

Transparent Research Furnaces

Fully Transparent Furnaces Uncoated single & multizone quartz tube furnace. 700°C
High Temperature Transparent Furnaces Gold-coated quartz tube furnace. 1200°C
Multizone Transparent Furnaces Gold-coated multizone quartz tube furnace. 1200°C
Air Transparent Furnaces Gold-coated quartz air tube furnace. Over 1000°C

Vacuum Research Furnaces

Single Zone Vacuum Tube Furnaces Inexpensive vacuum furnaces. 1600°C
Multizone Vacuum Tube Furnaces Multi-zone vacuum/inert gas furnace. 1600°C
Getter Furnaces Furnace designed to pump specific gases in a high vacuum environment.
High Vacuum Tube Furnaces Tube furnaces rated at pressures of 10-6 torr and below.

Rapid Heating Research Furnaces

Fast Furnaces Fast heat/cool tube vacuum furnace with sample insertion.1500°C
High Heating Rate Optical Furnaces Controlled, high heating rate furnace for small samples.

High Pressure High Temperature Research Furnaces

Inert Gas/Reducing Gas/Vacuum High pressure, high temperature, 2500 psi (170 atm), 1800°C.
Air High pressure, high temperature, 1000 psi, 1600°C.

Quench Research Furnaces

Oil Quench Furnaces High temperature furnace for high speed oil quenching of samples.
Air Quench Furnaces Inexpensive furnace for air quenching samples from 1200°C.

Imaging Research Furnaces

1000°C Imaging Furnaces Inexpensive - small samples microscope viewing @ 1000°C.
1400°C Imaging Furnaces Small samples can be inspected with a microscope @ 1400°C.

Ancillary Equipment

Furnace Temperature Controllers Temperature PID controllers for furnaces.
Vacuum and Gas Systems All types, capabilities, new or used equipment.
High Temperature Sealing Systems Proprietary high temperature and metal/ceramic sealing systems.

rainbowSpecial Purpose Research Furnaces

Vacuum Pedestal Furnaces Small open platform heated to 1500°C in vacuum.
Airlock Furnaces Move your sample into the furnace under vacuum/gas.
Shaker Furnaces Furnace for vibration testing at high temperatures and different gases.
Double Shell Incineration Furnaces Furnace built to safely burn/dispose of radioactive carbon flakes (Fusion).

Past Furnace Products       You Should Know This About Furnaces

We can often beat the price on other companies' standard furnaces!

rainbowOptical Systems - Optical Cells, Optical Access, Windows, Illumination

Sapphire Window Systems


High Temperature/High Pressure Viewports Sapphire viewports for high pressures and temperatures up to 700°C
High Temperature/Vacuum Viewports Sapphire viewports for high temperatures in vacuum up to 700°C
Extreme Temperature Pressurized Viewport Combustion facility viewport


High Pressure/Moderate Temperature Cells Opposing sapphire windows in a small fixture rated for 300 atm and 500°C.
Fluid Visualization Cells Quartz/Sapphire shells for visualization of fluids at elevated T and P


Sapphire Windows High Strength, High Temperature, Inert, Wide Bandwidth
Quartz Windows Inexpensive, High Temperature, Modest Strength
Gold Coated Windows Transparent Windows that Reflect Heat Radiation
IR Windows Allow infrared inspection and measurement

Fiber Optics

Fiber Optics For limited access optical measurements without EM noise
Metal Clad Fiber Optics High Temperature (up to 1400°C) fiber optics measurement


Endoscopes For limited access viewing of high temperature environments

Furnace Viewing Systems

Furnace Windows and Illumination Systems to allow high quality optical inspection inside operating furnaces.

Optical Products Completed

rainbowOther Products

Sapphire/Alumina Bond/Seal 1450°C High Vacuum Seal
Gold Coating Services
Vacuum Products
Helium Compressors for Helium Recovery

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rainbowThoughtventions' Consulting / Research & Development Services

Custom Physical Sciences Instruments and Equipment

Honest(!) evaluation of technology programs, science, state of the art, equipment, technology value.

We will work with you to find out the right questions to ask and solutions to your problems.


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EnvirOptics Optical Windows
Electrical Feed Through / Terminals
Vision Analysis Systems
Specialties: Sapphire windows, borescope endoscope vision systems, sapphire brazing
EnviroCam Video Systems for Access to Harsh Environments