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High Temperature MiniFurnace

Thoughtventions Unlimited, LLC is offering the High Temperature Vacuum MiniFurnace for materials science research. This low price vacuum furnace operates at temperatures up to 2000°C, with a development model being tested to 2400°C. The furnace uses a tungsten wire heating element and a proprietary process chamber to provide a clean, dry, controlled atmosphere environment for accurate sample treatment. Stable, programmable temperature control can be provided by manual or automatic systems. No water cooling is needed. Custom options are available.

Specifications: Standard Model

Physical Characteristics:
Overall Size (without vacuum/gas fittings) 30 cm Long x 8 cm OD
Nominal Hot Zone Length 5 cm
Hot Zone Diameter 1.25 cm OD
Radiation Shields Proprietary
Heating Element Tungsten
Power Supply 120 VAC/20A Phase Control SCR
Fittings KF
Weight less than 1 kg

Operating Characteristics:
Temperature Control Automatic
Power at 2000°C Less than 1kW
Operating pressure Vacuum
Cooling None
Peak Operating Temperature of Heater Elements 2100°C


Last updated: July 2015