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Fully Transparent Multizone Furnace

Fully Transparent Multizone Furnace

Fully Transparent Multizone Furnace
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Thoughtventions Unlimited is pleased to offer a 700°C Fully Transparent Multizone Furnace product. The Fully Temperature Transparent Multizone Furnace is a two-zone, resistively heated, hot-wall quartz tube furnace designed for organic crystal growth.


This Fully Transparent Furnace is intended for use in organic and inorganic crystal growth. Materials can be inspected throughout the processing cycle, immediately identifying the precise temperature of melting or the creation of crystal defects. Standard transparent furnaces rely on gold-coated tubes that contain the heat but obscure visibility. The 700°C multizone transparent furnace has created an important crystal growth opportunity, allowing ready (and microscopic) inspection of commercially valuable materials during growth. Final crystal yields can be increased dramatically when the proper crystal growth condition can be rapidly found by real-time observation of crystal growth.

Quickspecs; Fully Transparent Crystal Growth Furnace:

Hot Zone Size: 20 mm diameter x 300 mm
Hot Zone Materials: Quartz
Process gases: Non-explosive: air, inert gases, other gas mixtures
Temperature Control: Dual hot zone, SCR controlled temperature feedback.
Power Use: about 1 kW at 700°C
Utility Requirements: 120 VAC, single phase, low volume water cooling, < 1 mtorr vacuum pumping.



Last updated: July 2015