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Fully Transparent Furnace

Thoughtventions Unlimited, LLC is offering the Model FTF11, Fully Transparent Furnace for materials heat treating.  This low priced furnace operates at temperatures up to 700°C with end loading access.  Stable, programmable temperature control uses a Type J thermocouple, controller and a feedback controlled SCR power supply.   Other furnace sizes are available.


Physical Characteristics:
Overall Size of Furnace 40 cm Long x 30 cm Wide x 30 cm High
Overall Size of Controller 30 cm Wide x 30 cm High x 25 cm Deep
Nominal Hot Zone Size 20 cm Long x 11 cm Diameter
Thermocouple Type J
Heating Elements Kanthal
Power Supply 120 VAC/30A Phase Control SCR
Weight Approximately 1 kg

Operating Characteristics:
Temperature Control Standard PID automatic control.
Power at 700°C Approximately 2 kW
Operating pressure 0 - 1 atm.
Operating atmosphere Vacuum/Inert/Air/User Gas (not reducing)
Cooling Water cooled end caps
Peak Operating Temperature of Hot Zone 700°C
Temperature at center (+/- 1 cm) Constant within accuracy of a Type J thermocouple - less than 1°C.


Last updated: July 2015