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TvU High Temperature Transparent Furnace Description


The High Temperature Transparent Furnace is a resistively heated, gold-coated quartz tube furnace. It can be ordered with high vacuum capability, temperature control, and computer data acquisition, in a variety of sizes and with multiple zones.


This Transparent Furnace is intended for use in high temperature materials processing. Materials can be inspected throughout the processing cycle, immediately identifying the precise temperature of melting or the creation of crystal defects. Past transparent furnaces were rated at temperatures near 900°C and were used as laboratory devices for research in materials processing, centering on metal joining and crystal growth. The 1200°C transparent furnace has created an entirely new window of opportunity, allowing inspection of commercially valuable materials that can only be processed at high temperatures. Crystal growth of II-VI electronic materials and brazing processes that require melting of copper are primary examples. Final crystal yields can be increased dramatically when the improperly growing crystals can be identified early in the growth process so that the crystal can be remelted and growth restarted, rather than waiting for post-growth analysis. A new brazing process can be developed in just a few furnace cycles.


Hot Zone Size: 37 mm diameter x 200 mm, or user specified
Hot Zone Materials: Quartz
Process gases: Non-explosive: air, inert gases, other gas mixtures
Temperature Control: Single or multiple hot zone, SCR controlled temperature feedback.
Power Use: 1.5 kW at 1200°C
Utility Requirements: 120/240 VAC, single phase.
Control/Data Acquisition: PID Temperature Control/Windows based computer control optional.
Planned Offerings: Arbitrary diameter hot zone.


The 1200°C Transparent Furnace was developed in a 3 year, $670,000 NASA project. The prototype was built to be a commercially viable unit, and has undergone continuous development that led to the current commercial model. The prototype was delivered to NASA Lewis in October after demonstrating 1200°C operation and exhibition at the NASA Technology 2007 show in Boston in September, 1997. Thoughtventions believes that the higher operating temperature of this furnace will greatly broaden its usefulness to the materials processing industry. Let us meet your requirements.

We sell the Transparent Furnace as a standalone unit (horizontal or vertical) that uses your vacuum system, or as a full facility.


Last updated: July 2015