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Getter Furnace

Thoughtventions Unlimited, LLC offers for purchase a Getter Furnace that pumps selectable impurities from high vacuum facilities. A variety of materials are activated at temperature to almost entirely eliminate impurity gas traces. The active materials have a long lifetime because they are regenerated at higher temperature when the facility is not in high vacuum mode. Specifications apply to model completed and in use; other sizes are available.



Physical Characteristics:
Overall Size of Furnace 40 cm Long x 30 cm Wide x 30 cm High
Flange Size ISO 100
Active Material Charge Approximately 30 cc
Thermocouple Type K
Heating Elements Proprietary
Power 120 VAC
Power Supply Variac (Programmable Temperature Controller available)
Orientation Vertical

Operating Characteristics:
Temperature Control Variac (Standard PID automatic control optional).
Power at 700°C Approximately 2 kW
Operating pressure High Vacuum
Operating atmosphere None
Cooling None
Peak Operating Temperature of Hot Zone 1000°C
Pumping Rate Unknown


Last updated: July 2015