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Fast Sample Heating High Temperature Vacuum Furnace

Thoughtventions Unlimited, LLC is offering the Model HTFF1 Fast Sample Heating, Controlled Atmosphere, High Temperature Furnace for materials science research. This low cost vacuum furnace operates at temperatures up to 1500°C and is capable of heating small samples to core temperature in minutes by inserting the sample into the constant temperature hot zone. The tube furnace has graphite or alumina moveable rod sample holders designed to operate under a variety of atmospheres to control sample environment. Materials research experiment cycle times can be shortened by an order of magnitude. Custom options available. Sample rod center can be brought to 900°C and stabilized within 10% of that temperature or better in 2 minutes by operating the furnace at 1200°C conditions to achieve fast warm-up and then decreasing its temperature to 900°C.

The furnace uses a concentric set of insulated alumina/silica tubes to contain the heat generated by axially oriented Silicon Carbide globars. The end support flanges are water cooled at higher operating temperatures. An alumina process chamber provides a clean, dry, controlled atmosphere environment for the customer's process. Stable, programmable temperature control can be provided by manual or automatic systems.

Other sizes available.

Specifications: Standard Model

Physical Characteristics:
Overall Size (without vacuum/gas fittings) 18"Long x 9" Wide x 10.5" High
Nominal Hot Zone Length 12 cm
Sample Rod Diameter Graphite or Alumina, 1.25 cm OD
Hot Zone Diameter 2.5 cm ID Alumina Tube
Heating Elements SiC Resistors
Power Supply 240 VAC/40A Phase Control SCR
Fittings Parker/Quick Flange/NPT
Weight 11 kg

Operating Characteristics:
Temperature Control Manual Potentiometer, Automatic & Others Available
Power at 1200°C 24A RMS, 2.8 kWatt
Operating pressure Vacuum to 2 atm. (Flow over sample)
Operating atmosphere Inert or reducing with graphite holder at furnace center
Oxidizing with alumina holder at center
Cooling Water: 0.1 GPM at 1200°C
Peak Operating Temperature of Heater Elements 1600°C short term, 1500°C long term.
Temperature at center (+/- 1 cm) Constant within accuracy of a Type K thermocouple - less than 0.5°C.


Last updated: July 2015