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High Pressure High Temperature Air Furnace

Thoughtventions Unlimited, LLC is offering the Model HPHT11, High Pressure High Temperature Inert Gas Furnace. This moderately priced furnace operates at temperatures up to 1900°C with end loading access. Stable, programmable temperature control uses a Type C thermocouple, controller and a feedback controlled SCR power supply. Other furnace sizes are available.


Physical Characteristics:
Overall Size of Furnace 40 cm Long x 30 cm Wide x 30 cm High
Overall Size of Controller 30 cm Wide x 30 cm High x 25 cm Deep
Nominal Hot Zone Size User Specified
Thermocouple Type R
Heating Elements SiC
Power Supply 120 VAC/30A Phase Control SCR
Weight Approximately 10 kg

Operating Characteristics:
Temperature Control Standard PID automatic control.
Power at 700°C Approximately 2 kW
Operating pressure 0 - 1000 psi (up to 65 atm).
Operating atmosphere Air
Cooling Water cooled
Peak Operating Temperature of Hot Zone 1600°C
Temperature at center (+/- 1 cm) Constant within accuracy of the thermocouple.


Last updated: July 2015