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Gas Cooled Endoscope Shell

Thoughtventions Unlimited, LLC, offers the Model 022, air-cooled probe shroud that allows the use of standard borescopes in high temperature, high pressure, and corrosive environments.  The Model 022 probe shroud has a hermetically sealed sapphire window that is noble-metal brazed into a 300 Series stainless steel housing.   The sapphire window permits an enclosed borescope to have a field of view of over 120 degrees and provides excellent transmission from the UV to the IR.   Optical probes of up to 5/16 inch diameter can be inserted into the standard probe shroud; custom sizes are available.

Specifications: Standard Model

Physical Characteristics
Shell Outer Diameter 2.5 cm
Endoscope Outer Diameter < 1 cm
Probe Insertion Length < 40 cm
Overall Length (without fittings) 50 cm
Shell Material 300 Series Stainless Steel
Window Brazed Sapphire
Fittings Swagelok
Weight 0.5 kg

Operating Characteristics (as tested)
Environment Temperature 500°C Quiescent Air
Endoscope Temperature 70°C Maximum
Cooling Air Temperature 25°C
Operating Pressure Approximately 50 psi
Operating Atmosphere Air
Cooling Flow Rate 100 scfh
Orientation Vertical


Gas Cooled Endoscope Shell Diagram
A double walled layer of cooling air protects your endoscope.
(Click for a larger image)


Last updated: July 2015