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High Vacuum Station

Thoughtventions will build to your specifications, using surplus, reconditioned, new or mixed. Diffusion pumped systems and non-standard component interfacing a speciality.

Front view of High Vacuum Station with Diffusion pump and Manual Control Zoom of High Vacuum Station Manual Control Panel Side view of High Vacuum Station Cabinet Interior

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Specifications (for the unit shown above)

Cage Size (inc. wheels) 26" x 30.5" x 36.5" (WxDxH)
Gross Weight 350 lbs
Ultimate Vacuum 1 x 10-6 Torr
Pump Down Time (Initial Roughing) 6 minutes
Diffusion Pump Warmup 10 minutes
Pump Down Time (Complete) 16 minutes
Up & Down Cycle Time 5 minutes
Vacuum Valves All Electro-Pneumatic
Venting/Purge Valves Electric
Rough pump Edwards E2M2
Diffusion pump Varian HSA-2, 350W Air Cooled, 2"
Control System Manual Control Panel , Meter, Lamp Indicators and Buzzer Alarm
Interlocking Circuit Breakers, Diffusion Pump Over-temperature, Pneumatic Under-Pressure
Power 30 amps 125 VAC
Auxiliary Power 15 Amp surge protected for User Devices
Pneumatics 60 psi compressed air
Meters T/C, 2 @ 2000-1 microns (Foreline & Main Chamber)

Many other configurations available, including fully automatic pumpdown, full interlocking, turbo-pump & oil free systems, alternative metering, water cooling, auxilliary and dual rough pumping for faster evacuation & cycle times. Plenty of room in cooled cabinet for your own equipment. Upper vacuum chamber possibilities: blanked-off 4 (or 8) way bell jar collar (as shown), 2 & 4 way tee chambers, hex chambers, and bell jars.


Last updated: August 2011