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TvU Other Products and Services List


Advanced Fuel Research, East Hartford, CT

Nitto Denko Corp., Oceanside, CA

Xtent Inc., Menlo Park, CA


ICRC, Alexandria, VA

NASA Marshall Space Flight Center, Huntsville, AL


STI, Sterling, VA 20164

Rainbow Technology Corp. Taoyuan County 330, Taiwan - special order molybdenum crucible.


Micromaterials, Tampa, FL - Fiber Optic Chemical Sensor


Ecliptic Enterprises Corporation, Pasadena, CA - Optics Consulting

Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA - Optics Consulting

Hydrogen Source, South Windsor, CT - Specialty Equipment Repair

Materion, Inc., Buffalo, NY - vacuum furnace design

Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN - Sapphire window consulting


3-E Laboratories, Lansdale, PA - Proprietary

Advanced Fuel Research, East Hartford, CT - Proprietary

Advanced Materials Laboratory, Inc., Concord, MA - Materials Consulting Services

Aerodyne, Billerica, MA - Endoscope Design

Air Force, AFOSR - Solid Hydrogen Propulsion, Sapphire Fiber Cladding

Astrium GmbH, Space Infrastructure Division, Friedrichshafen, Germany - Sapphire Fiber Research

Baker Atlas, Houston, TX - High Pressure Apparatus Design.

Consarc, Rancocas, NJ - Proprietary

Department of Energy, Washington, DC - Sapphire Microwave Windows

Department of Transportation/Federal Aviation Administration, Washington, DC - High Intensity Runway Inset Flasher

DENSPLY Ceramco, Burlington, NJ - Proprietary

EnvirOptics, Inc., Montgomeryville, PA - Proprietary

Florida Institute of Technology, Melbourne, FL - Oxygen Electrolysis Apparatus - Lunar ISRU

Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA - Optical R&D Services

Harry Miller Company, Boston, MA - Proprietary

Luxim Corp, Venice, CA - Proprietary

Innovative Energy, St. Charles, MO - Proprietary

National Science Foundation, Washington, D.C., Titanium MIM Binder, Acoustically Enhanced Droplet Heat Exchangers


.......Dryden Flight Research Center, Edwards, CA - High Altitude UAV Droplet Heat Exchanger

.......Glenn Research Center, Cleveland, OH - 1200°C Transparent Furnace

High Temperature Fiber Optic Imaging Apparatus

.......Langley Researh Center, Norfolk, VA - High Temperature Imaging Systems

.......Marshall Space Flight Center, Huntsville, AL - Solid Hydrogen Fueled Scramjets

Controlled Crystal Growth Using Auxiliary Optical Heating and Optical Diagnostics

Low Mass, Low Power, Low Cost Space Furnace

High Efficiency Solar Furnace Core

Lunar Rock Processing for Oxygen

Oak Ridge National Laboratories, Oak Ridge, TN - Microwave Energy in Internal Combustion Engines

Princeton University, Princeton, NJ High Temperature (1400°C) Sapphire to Alumina Seal

StratXX Holding AG, Walchwil, Switzerland - Balloon design.

University of South Florida, Tampa, FL - Fiber research.

Yale University, New Haven, CT - Ceramic Bonding

Wyle Laboratories, Hampton, VA - Proprietary


Last updated: July 2015