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High Pressure Moderate Temperature Visualization Cell

Thoughtventions Unlimited, LLC is offering the Model HPMTCell100, High Pressure Moderate Temperature Visualization Cell. This low priced optical cell has been tested to temperatures up to 450°C and pressures of 340 atm (5,000 psi) simultaneously. The cell uses sapphire windows and metal C-rings to provide these extreme operating parameters. This apparatus must be used with suitable safety precautions and proper assembly procedures. Apparatus includes 2 Tee's and high pressure swagelok fitting line. Other custom cell sizes are available.


Cell Characteristics:
Length of Cell (internal volume) 64 mm
Diameter of Cell (internal volume) 10 mm
Maximum Tested Conditions Tested to 340 atm (5,000 psi) at 450°C
Window Material Sapphire
Cell Material 316 Stainless Steel


Last updated: July 2015