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Thoughtventions Unlimited, LLC (TvU)

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TvU was formed early in 1993 to perform multidisciplinary research and development for the advancement of science and to create novel commercial processes and products. TvU creates fundamental innovations that solve long-standing problems by applying state-of-the-art advances from apparently unrelated scientific and industrial specialties. These concepts are developed in detail to make them practical, to maximize their potential, and to explore their implications for future work.

Thoughtventions Unlimited (TvU) is a multifaceted business that centers on applying diverse technology to enhance commercial products and government programs. Current TvU business lines include US Government research and development projects, commercial laboratory and research equipment products. TvU's business is both local and national, using the sophisticated skills of its personnel to solve its customers' technical and business problems and to pursue its own research and development projects. TvU adapts to the goals of its funding sources, which tend to be short-term reward, but but it is committed to the development of a variety of long term technologies which have the potential to be major advances in their field.

Commercial Development Efforts. Based on its past research and development TvU has created a number of laboratory equipment products, centering in the areas of furnaces, materials, vacuum devices, and sapphire.

Dr. Stephen Cuyler Bates, President of TvU, has B.S., M.S., and Sc.D. degrees in Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering from MIT, accumulating twice the number of credits required for a BS equally divided between engineering, physics, and mathematics. He has been a Staff Scientist at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) (5 yrs) working on a major national project in magnetic confinement nuclear fusion, a Senior Scientist at the General Motors Research Laboratories (6 yrs) working on internal combustion engine research, and a Senior Scientist (3 yrs) performing research in a wide variety of areas at another small business. He has 29 Journal publications, 76 other publications, 3 patents (2 sole author), and has been included in a variety of national and international Who's Who publications.

TvU's funding originates from both commercial sales, contract research and consulting. To date TvU has received $4.7M in funding. Some of TvU's major programs include a 1200° C transparent furnace for NASA, high power (MW) sapphire microwave windows for DOE, and a high intensity airport runway inset flasher for FAA/DOT.

Contact Stephen Bates (thought@tvu.com) with questions.

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