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Facilities at TvU

TvU currently occupies 3,000 square feet of office and laboratory space with a wide variety of sophisticated experimental research and development equipment. TvU has invested its company profit to fund development projects and to acquire a variety of sophisticated mechanical, optical, electronic, and vacuum equipment, as well as fabrication, testing and support equipment. An optics lab centers on a Scanning Electron Microscope, a 15 W CO2 laser, and video image processing systems. A vacuum processing lab centers on a general purpose high vacuum station. A cryogenics lab centers on a Koch Helium Liquefier and Janis Supertran Liquid Helium Cryostat with optical access. Air and vacuum furnaces (to above 2200°C) are used for material processing experiments, and Transparent Furnaces and associated hardware permit total optical access to small pieces undergoing heat treatment at temperatures up 1200°C

Significant TvU facilities include:

TvU also has available a wide range of facilities at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), University of Connecticut (UConn), and Oak Ridge National Laboratories (ORNL). TvU is also pursuing research concepts in solid cryogens and low temperature physics with the Institute of Low Temperature, Kharkov, the Ukraine.


Last updated: July 2015